Industrial Lubricants


Hydraulic oils

Of the many types of oil products on the market, hydraulic oils are one of the most widely used and have a vast range of applications. From hydraulic machinery used to power mechanical shovels, buckets and other earth-moving equipment, to the steering systems of ships and aircraft and to enormous industrial presses capable of exerting thousands of tons of pressure.

When we want to employ large amounts of power or ensure that mechanical parts work perfectly, we need to be able to count on a hydraulic fluid that provides lubrication and ensures that machinery always functions. UWX together with leading partners, offers a vast range of products that have entirely different characteristics.



Gear oils

Even though the gears and transmission systems used in the industrial sector are simpler than those used in the automotive sector, some of them still need special lubricants to deal with the amount of strain put on them. For this reason these mineral- und synthetic-based products contain additives that ensure that the oil is capable of resisting this strain. The product range of UWX is characterized by the high quality of the components used, which provide excellent performance in terms of lubrication, protection and long-life.





Turbine oils

Turbines are extremely complex and delicate. The oil used with this type of machinery plays an important part in ensuring that it operates correctly, that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and, above all, that it doesn't break. Turbine oil is produced from thigh quality mineral bases that provide the hightest levels of performance in terms of demulsivity (the separation of water) and air separation.




Other industrial products

Numerous other types of lubricants are used in many industrial processes. Various products, such as lubricating oils, process oils, heat transfer oils, transformer oils and technical/pharmaceutical white oils can be offered individually.