Automotive Lubricants



Engine oils

Since its founding, UWX strives to represent TOP brands internationally and to find the best possible product for our customers.

In a time of strong technological specialization, the developments in the field of engine technology are leading to the fact,  that the lubricant is getting more and more important as a construction component for the engine. It is very important for us to represent a large and various product range and many brands to meet the needs of each user.

Starting with two-cycle engines up to the most demanding sports car engines, heavy duty diesel engines in commercial vehicles and agricultural machingery, engines for electricity generation to huge engines of the shipbuilding industry: UWX has the perfect product for every application, which guarantiees the best performance and longest oil change intervals combined with comprehensive customer satisfaction.



Transmission oils

In any vehicle application the transmission plays a key role to ensure the availability and the usability of the power generated by the engine. Recently, transmission oils have undergone deep changes intended to guarantee the operation of the transmissions in more and more difficult conditions in terms of temperature and load on the gears. The tendency to reduce the size and weight of gear boxes and to try to reduce internal friction of the transmissions to minimize dissipated power, has caused the birth of a generation of high performing transmission oils with drain oil intervals that are always longer. UWX offers a wide range of products in this area.

This includes - among others - oils for heavy-duty vehicles, advanced automatically and electronically controlled transmissions of motor vehicles, agricultural machingery and motorcycles as well as for torque converter for modern scooters.




When we talk about lubricants, we always think only of oils. But there are many applications where no "liquid lubricants", but greases are used.

Greases are used for the lubrication and protection of mechanical equipment as an alternative to liquid lubricants, especially if insufficient space is available, or the liquid oil is difficult to use due to dripping.

Grease is applied continuously in some cases (in Iron and Steel Industry) and is used for lubricating a component for its entire useful life in other cases (for rolling bearings and small reducer pieces).

The selection of the appropriate product is very complex and should be conducted with the assistance of a technician, as many factors may affect the function of the products and the lubricated machine.



Special products

There are not only motor oils and transmission lubricants. In the automotive sector there are many other products for "accessory" applications but fundamental for the proper operation of every vehicle. Antifreezes, brake fluids, chassis greases and many other special fluids are included in this product typology. We will advise you individually about our full product range!